Bonnet badge

Rob, do these flex?

Got one in my stocking as my badge is faded, but it doesnt sit flat in the recess as it is curved - i dont want to snap this badge, so has anyone actually got one to stay on the bonnet without breaking?


I put a new one on 2 years ago (genuine Mitsy) but its faded already.

Yes, the badge is flat, and the bonnet is curved, it will flex, but I had to use superglue and hold it to the curve for a few minutes until the glue set.


The Red and Chrome badges are metal and can be bent a touch to give them a curve, but i have not had anyone comment about then not sticking or not sitting flat on the bumper.

I have also not seen any faded yet either john?

We sold loads to guys at the Essex Meet when we first got them in and i have not seen any fading.

I will look this coming meet, to see if there is other suffering from the same problem

Cheers Rob

I bought mine from Ebay, from Japan, it came in a Mitsi bag, but I suppose that does not guarantee it was a genuine one. Now its faded, next time I think I will get a blue one.

What is it about Japan not been able to make red stuff that wont turn pink??