Boolean operators

Am I the only one who can’t make the Boolean “AND”, “OR” etc work?

As I understand it the correct context is as follows:

To search for all posts containing the words “oil” and “pump” but not “filter” the correct use is “oil AND pump NOT filter”.

This actually returns all posts containing any combination of one. two or all three words, even the excluded “filter”

Am I doing something wrong? Not only is it irritating but it’s also wasting forum bandwidth as I try different searches in an attempt to find what I’m looking for.

“oil filter” also returns any post containing the word “oil” or filter", not just the phrase “oil filter”

I didn’t think that the phpBB search done bool searches?

It only has a radio button for Search for all terms.

I guess I could write a bool search for it, but would make another step of phpBB upgrades as it wouldn’t be a standard feature.


If you click on “Search” it tells you how to use them.


Just found this:

It’s the first time I’ve had anything whatsoever to do with phpbb but it seems to say that it should work.


I just tried a not test and it works for me, but if you have “Search for all terms” selected it uses the not as a word so the bool feature only works in “Search for any terms or use query as entered”

Which mode you trying it in?

Give me an example of what you are searching for.


I routinely use “Search for any terms or use query as entered”

It’s not just the “NOT” that doesn’t work for me though.
“AND” makes no difference either - I get all posts with either word as well as posts with both.

I just did a search for “MK NOT performance” and got all occurences of “performance” in the recent thread.

[quote]The minimum size for words is four characters, and the maximum size is twenty characters.
Any non-alphanumeric character (e.g. white space and punctuation) is a word boundary.

So MK won’t be used as it is under 4 characters long.