Brake and Clutch Vacuum Assist Hoses Added to Silicone Hose Range

Finally got round to doing a little post on the availability of two new products to my remanufactured range of engine hoses I have had made and have available and in stock.

The two hose kits now available are the rear of plenum to brake servo 2pcs and the side of plenum to clutch servo kits 3pcs kits are in stock and available in Black, Red and Blue.

Both kits come with a one-way valve, so they are like the original Mitsubishi ones, which had a simple valve in the large pipe to aid the vacuum system to make the Brakes work properly and give you more braking efficiency and the Clutch to be lighter under your foot.

I have seen many examples of these hose having big splits in them so the system is not working properly and could be dangerous in the case of the brakes!!

On the clutch I also have a delete kit for the metal pipe that also shorts out on the battery as it goes over it and this also makes the engine bay look tidier if you delete it, it really does make a big difference if you delete this pipe. Link below at the very bottom .

Brake Kits

Clutch Kits

Clutch Metal Pipe Delete Kit


Got the Brake and Clutch assist pipes and valves.
Fitted them today and I must say the brakes seem better along with easier clutch pedal pressure.

Looking at my old pipes it’s obvious they were in need of changing.

Thanks @GSXRKID great parts along,with a good price.



I’ve bought these too, yet to fit them.