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Just bought my first gto , a 91 n/a and the brakes need replacing. I was thinking of going with drilled and grooved disks with Mintex pads. Any thoughts or input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Daz.


If its from Mintex on ebay, don’t waste you money they have no idea what they are talking about and they wont fit your car and you will have a mare trying to get your money back,a few of the guys on here have had this problem, that’s how i know

Buy from someone that knows about these cars even if its not me !! and get the correct parts

Cheers Rob


Welcome to GTO UK here You’ll find the best advice ( Rob is the Man ) for Your car, get some pictures up and sign up for full membership for full info and support access it is worth it, we are here to help.:wink:

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Thanks Rob, I do have a local car parts dealer and they are quite good,but just thought I’d ask other members who have more experience if there are better makes than others, or more so ones to avoid.

Thanks for that, how do I sign up for full membership ?

Here it is @disableddaz

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welcome to the club
some of the stuff on EBay for are cars is a bit dubious
but there is some good
do your research then buy
the stuff evil empire sells is good
ring rob and have a chat if you have time


Hey Mr. Committee man, is this a continuation of the conversation from Pizza Hut? That was kin funny!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

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Welcome along Daz we are all here to help you, Once your a full member you will have access to all the write ups and tech section that you will ever​ need.
Any problems signing up please contact myself or another committee member.
Dave :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the club. Even motor factors get parts wrong. A lot!! Especially brakes as there were 2 different sizes fitted to the cars over the years. Your best bet of getting the right parts first time without failure is to speak to Rob (AKA Evil Empire, AAKA @GSXRKID). That way you will only have to buy them once.

Only other advice is if you work your brakes quite hard i would avoid drilled discs. Seen a few instances of them cracking.

Yup, I too can reinforce what’s been said so far here. Go to Rob at the Evil Empire. I have an NA like you, and have had for 12 years.
When I took on the car 2 pads had nothing left on them and were scoring the brake discs. I bought drilled and grooved discs from Rob, plus the pads he recommended to go with them. Never looked back.
Welcome to GTOUK, and enjoy your car.