Brake pads

Hi Rob

looking to replace my brake pads

I had Ferodo front and rear last time fitted by MAS

It’s a Standard Mk 2 TT, have you gone the same?

or what would you suggest?


frankie :lol:

Hi Bud

We have the Ferodo’s in stock along with a load of others, probably worth a call to see what you need for your driving style :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Cheers Rob


hi Rob

will give you a bell

Car in for mot

will talk to you soon


Blocks of wood would do for Frankie - every time I drive past his place the car is in exactly the same place :lol:


Hi Scott you should pop in

Difficult to run a car like mine when your unemployed

but hoping to put it back on the road soon

just got to sort the brakes out and MOT

see you all so



I have some good Ferodo pads that will be £50 for the fronts and £50 for the backs if that helps…

Cheers Rob

One of these days I will drop by, but got to wait until I’m out that way in a car - doubt the passengers would like it much if I just parked up and told them I was off for a cup of tea :lol: