Brand new MK1 windscreens

I potentially have my hands on some brand new windscreens with grey tint. Just trying to see if there would actually be any interest in them ? And what would you be willing to pay ?

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Yeah i could be

Nice find :+1:

So just out of interest are all the windscreen shapes the same across all Gens?

I understand the tint is different on GTOs and UK cars but the screen itself- isn’t it the same?


Yeah think it’s just the tints that are different

The windscreens are around £500 not including postage if anyone is interested but they may not always be around so if you are thinking of getting one let me know ASAP :+1:

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Where did you managed to get them from Reece? Just asking as when I got my GTO it had a crack on the windscreen and the previous owner said he would claim it on the insurance and get it repaired for me and he did but the glass has to come from Switzerland I think it was

Local company from my area, no clue where they have come from but they have a couple in stock. I believe you are still able to get them made but one offs will take up to 6 weeks to be made and the cost would be a lot more.

It’s one of those I suppose, you could buy a spare screen and keep it safe, or bite the bullet and if any damage happens to your screen you could be out of action for a long time ! My car is eventually going for a full respray so i thought it would be a nice treat to have a brand new screen to put in to top it off

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Oooo sound good what colour you going for keeping it the same ? Would love to have an extra but no room for anything atm unfortunately cheees though mate.

Complete colour change, genuine MK1 colour, X02, its the black with blue and green metallic flake in

All MK1’s are a grey tint
MK2 's mostly are Bronze tint, but there are a few exceptions
1996 onwards Cars are all Green Tint, but again there are a few exceptions in Bronze

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