Breaking 1995 3000GT inc new engine

Sadly I think I’m going to break it, I need to find some funds to hopefully buy a red one that is up for sale :crossed_fingers:

I’d like to keep the interior ideally as it’s the best I’ve seen yet (unless I get a very good offer), the brake components, the exhaust and the radiator.

The engine is essentially brand new, was rebored with oversize pistons from Rob, reground crank and flywheel, head skimmed and valves lapped in properly. Also new knock sensor, crank and cam position sensors and obviously the cam belt. It has only done 16 miles since the rebuild and passed the MOT easily on emissions. One negative is the aux pulleys are a bit loud, but I’ve got replacements to go on.

I’ve also got a very good condition red sunroof with only a small blister on.

The ECS and ECU both work fine, the gearbox is a 5 speed and doesn’t grind in any gears, though does have a crack around the filler and the output splines are getting a bit pointy.

The doors are good, couple of dings, and the boot lid has a small amount of surface rust. The aero worked last time I tried, though the front tray is ropy.

Weather seals aren’t great, windows are a bit scratched

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Sorry to hear this. I was very near to breaking mine but glad i didn’t. Love the GT in black. It must be in a very bad way for you to make this decision. Just make sure the red one is not in the same condition James.

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Yeah, it’s got rust in both floors, up the seat boxes and in all of the sills. I’ve got no spare funds at all at the moment to do the work so it’d be off the road for a long time, so I think this is the right decision.

Plus the rest of the car is just as tired as the bits that need the welding doing, so I’d spend $$$ on the welding and still have a tatty tired car

Sorry to hear that James that your first one wasn’t the dream you hoped for .

Always take the positives though , you have learned a hell of a lot now with the work you have done

Good luck with the part out


Oh, engine mounts are brand new, as is the oil cooler

Has it got the front active aero tray ?

Yes, but it’s tatty

Ok, the one I was going to buy didn’t work out, so I’ve decided to strip everything off it. Some stuff I don’t know prices, and other stuff isn’t on the list yet.

I’d like £3k for the engine ONO. I’ve spent more than that on it, it has had

turbo oil pipes
cam sensor
crank sensor
acl bearings
water pump
oil pump
knock sensor
iridium spark plugs
brand new, oversize pistons
ignition leads
cam belt
head gasket

Right, hopefully my table works! Let me know if my prices are unrealistic, I’ve struggled to price some stuff.

Part Price Postage Condition
Rear Lights (each) 75 10 Good
Centre 3000GT garnish 50 10 Some surface marks
Rear bumper 100 Some scratches
Boot lid inc aero and plastics 150 One rust blemish, other than that good
Boot plastics 20 each piece 10 Good
Fuel tank 90 One bolt missing from fuel pump attachments, surface rust
Rear hubs inc ABS sensor 30 each side 20 Rusty disk shields, abs sensor not tested
Diff 220 250 Surface rust, good condition
Black interior inc leather seats, door cards and carpet 800 Very good condition, virtually no wear. Black carpet has marks where foot rest used to be. One scratch on rear seats
Air con screen ? Good
ECU 200 20 Good
ECS ECU 25 5 Good
Loom ? Un cut and original
Steering wheel 100 10 Good, couple of marks
Dash clocks showing 90k miles 130 20 Good
Leather handbrake and gear gaiters with purple stitching 15 5 As new
Rear subframe 30 - Cleaned up and started painting, no bushes
Purple brake pipes 100 10 Front fitted but new, rear brand new
Stoptech rear discs, slotted 180 20 Brand new
Stoptech front discs, slotted (larger ones) 150 20 Fitted but new
Stoptech rear pads 50 10 Brand new
Front calipers, purple (larger size) 150 20 Very good condition, no corrosion on pistons
Front calipers, unpainted (larger size) 100 20 Pins stuck in them, probably some corrosion
Mishimoto radiator 200 20 New but fitted
Evil empire oil cooler kit 200 20 New but fitted
Front lights, black plastic 90 each 15 Polished and good condition, but needs another polish to be perfect
Wheels and good tyres 200 Wheels painted badly, tyres good
Engine mounts- genuine Mitsubishi 250 20 New but used
Front brake disk shields- genuine 50 each side 10 Brand new
Rear steering pipe guard (plastic side)- genuine 35 10 Brand new
K&N panel air filter 35 5 New but fitted
BC Coilovers 680 20 Brand new in box
Gearbox (5 speed) 400 Needs repair to filler and splines have some wear. Gearbox drives nicely though
Transfer case 200 20 Some wear on splines, painted black (not a bad job)
Starter motor 40 15 Good, one screw head is stripped
Alternator 40 15 Working fine, bearings could be smoother
Front hubs inc ABS sensor 70 each 20 Partially painted but scruffy, ABS sensor included but not tested
Wing mirrors, non folding but heated 40 each 15 Scuffs on them
Prop shaft carrier bearings genuine Mitsubishi 190 20 Brand new in packaging
Blueflame stainless oval tip exhaust 680 20 New but fitted, some scratches on
Rear subframe mounts- genuine 55 Brand new, still in packaging
3000GT Catalytic convertor ?
GTO Catalytic convertor ?
Clutch 100 20 Genuine new clutch, fitted and driven 16 miles but new
Silicon coolant pipes in purple 40 10 Don’t fit a 6 speed as are the wrong shape
Front camber bolts 10 each 2 Brand new Mitsubishi
Flywheel 150 20 Has been skimmed and had new dowels fitted
Bonnet 50 Some rust in the seams, couple of small dings
Boot carpet and wood 30 10 Good
Drive shafts (left and right, front, rear) 30 each 10 Good
Prop shaft 40 20 Bearings could be better, joints are good

Hi James,

Sorry to hear this - can I take both rear hubs? Where abouts are you as I may be able to collect in the week.


Don’t suppose you could have some cam cover bolts for sale?

Hi James sorry to see/hear you breaking it :sob:
Would you have the transfer box, rear diff and complete propshaft?
Where are you situated?

Ok, I’ll try and answer in order

Yep, you can have them. I’m between Ashbourne and Derby, but my parter works in Stafford if that’s any use. Do you want the arms too or just the hubs? Arms are a bit ropy.

No, sorry I’m going to sell the engine all as one if I can

Yes, you can have all of those, though the transfer box may already be sold, I’ll let you know.

Please read the descriptions of stuff, I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about condition. I’ve got pics but will only put them up if people want them, as it takes 15 mins per picture to upload on my Internet!

Cheers James just the hubs are fine I will probably be in Coventry on Wednesday so can pop over in the evening will confirm tomorrow


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I’ll drop the mishimoto rad to £180 as I mushed it slightly on the air con pipe bolt getting it out

How old are the engine mounts?

They have been on the car about 6 months I think. The car has done 16 miles since though

Is it the hole lot of engine mounts if so I’ll have them. Also need a rocker cover bolt lol

Ha, yep all three mounts. Don’t have the rocker cover bolt, sorry.

If you want to paypal it, my addy is [email protected]

I might not manage to get them posted until early next week as they are still on the car currently!