Breaking 1995 Black Twin Turbo GTO


Hi Guys, as the title i am breaking a Black 1995 Mk2 GTO TT 6spd in the next 2 weeks.

In good running order aside from damage to offside side and rear 1/4.

Mileage is 106km or miles. not sure yet.

Car can be seen running, i’ll be taking videos etc before pulling apart.

Pictures and info to follow.



Is this JWilson’s?


It is Reece.



I’m looking for an original working Arial with all the fittings. Let me know what your after for it :slight_smile:


Is the boot and spoiler up for sale? Also where are you located?



Do you have the 2 plastic hook clips that hold the boot cover in place?


I’m on first dibs mac :wink:


Can I have dibs on coilovers if it’s got any and brand condition etc.


no coilovers Jerry. They are ECS with lowering springs.



Can i jump in here what springs are they (teins)
That’s if @gto_power1 doesn’t want them !


Not sure of brand yet. I will be removing parts next weekend.



Hi I’ll pass was interested if they were coilovers but since not all yours mate.


@Paulw ok mate no worries can wait just let me know
Dave :+1:


ok let me know if it falls through.


Hi where do you live kind og hard what i need but its under the front wing in the wiring cheers steve


Can I have first dibs on the little plastic cover that goes over the pull handle for the rear bucket seats? It’s about an inch in size :sunglasses:


Ok Dave. Will be next week when i start to pull it apart.



Near stoke on trent. What do you need exactly?



Under the nearside wing their is a large wring loom you have a splice going to the indicator moving towards the front if your car has abs their should be a slight bulge in the loom and it should have 4x small connectors push fit terminals these are diodes I need theses but you can’t cut them short otherwise they will be no good as I need to splice them back in to the loom cheers Steve


Ok i know the area. When i start pulling bits ill have a look at condition etc and take some pics.