Breaking Mk1 GTO

Hi All,

I am breaking a black mk1 gto twin turbo. The car is running and was driven to my house. Prices and pictures to follow when i get two minutes, if there is a part you want please ask and I will do my best to get back to you. Here are some of the parts:

K&N filter £40 plus P+P
Hks turbo timer (SOLD)
Samukia front end and skirts (the whole kit will need work, so offers excepted)
Carbon fibre mount and spoiler (ajustable) (SOLD)
Engine has forged crank so im told and has less than 6000 miles on it since rebuild but i have no proof of this.
Mk2 brakes
Alloy pipe amber performance £50 plus P+P (SOLD)
Clear side repeaters and indicators £10 plus P+P (SOLD)
After market exhaust (SOLD)
Alternator £40 plus P+P
And everything else for sale…

Also I may be selling a few parts I have around the house, inc bov and a very big hks intercooler, lights, Engine bling etc.

More details including pictures to follow shortly. Any interest please feel free to ask. May also be willing to sell the car as one.


might be interested in body kit but will wait on pics first, also might be interested in the turbo timer and what blingy bits you got??? :smiley:

interested in the KnN filter is it the oval shaped one ? any pictures?


The k&n is a round shaped one. Everything needs a clean, pictures taken as I got the car.


Would you be willing to get rid of the bootlid and spoiler together neil? if so how much?


Yeah that would not be a problem. Is it for yourself?


it is indeedy buddy, well will stick it on mine see how it looks, might shorten those struts a fair bit though. How much for that and the turbo timer buddy?

nas check ur pm

Replied :smiley:



the super advan wheels are on sale?

you have pictures?

Thank you

Sorry the wheels have been sold.


hi nas im after a recirc valve and associated pipework ?


Sorry the car had an after market bov.


ok thanks nas

neil, is the steering wheel still for sale if so whats the size and how much delivered

cheers pete

Just the steering wheel or including the boss? I will measure the steering wheel in the morning.


just the steering wheel, i dont have a gto anymore :frowning: it has to be at least 350mm


Oh yes, sorry I forgot :frowning: The wheel is 350mm I will PM you the price shortly.


Some more prices more to follow:

Throttle body £30.00 +£7.00
Tinted rear lights (looks like been sprayed, I will upload some photos) offers
MK1 Engine (sold)
5 speed gearbox (SOLD)
Propshaft and bearings (looks like new bearings)
Headlights £20 each plus P+P
Door cards £25 each plus P+P
Coil pack £25 plus p+P
MAF £25 plus P+P
Plenum £40 plus P+P (painted silver) (SOLD)
2 gto plug covers (will need polishing as very dirty) (1 SOLD)
ABS pump £35 plus P+P

blitz bov £45 plus P+P
Tial bov £60 plus p+p
HKS intercooler (SOLD)