Burgundy 1991 TT for sale. Same owner for 10 years

I was two days away from buying my dream G.T.O. from a club member when the clutch went on my Burgundy 1991 Mk1 TT.

My second car (used for the family) was in for some work to be done at the same time as the G.T.O.’s clutch went and unfortunately I received a larger than expected bill for it. This has now left me in a positon where my G.T.O. has to be sold as a non-runner and the new G.T.O. sale has fallen through because of the lack of readies.

It’s now at the excellent Eurospec’s (Postcode GU1 1RR) awaiting disposal. They have looked after this car for the past 10 years; I suspect they’ve not made much money out of me as not a lot has gone wrong with it over the years but the work they have done has been faultless. However it cannot be left there long, hence the rush to sell.

I will be going there this Saturday (8th October) to take out the radio and mp3 player I have in it and taking photos of the insides so I can put it on eBay.

I would prefer it to go to a club member so have advertised it here first, but if no interest is shown by the end of the week, I will have to eBay it.

The car was brought into the country in 2000 which is when I bought it and since then has not had anyone smoke in it.

M.o.T. due 22nd March 2012

This is virtually a blank canvas for anyone wanting to carry out any modifications in the future.

The car has only been modified in two areas:

  1. It has a Mk2 engine mated to the original 5-spd Mk1 gearbox.

  2. It has a subtle (!!) Viper Racing Systems stainless exhaust system that set me back £450 back in 2002 and still looks and sounds awesome.

OZ Superturismo 8x18 5x114.3 ET35 wheels. These were bought in 2002 and will need refurbishing.
The wheels will come with a set of 8 OZ wheel transfers and 4 new (still in sealed bags) OZ Racing wheel centre hub caps. These are not just the badges, these are the inserts and will finish off the wheels perfectly after they’ve been refurbished.
The tyres are nearly new.

Bodywork’s in good nick, the rear spoiler could do with respraying but isn’t unsightly.
Inside there is a small hole behind the left rear passengers seat and the boot cover.
Drivers seat has a 5mm hole where badly placed keys entered the cloth.

Front & rear aero’s work, 4-wheel steer works and so does the Tour/Sport suspension.

The only things that don’t work (apart from the clutch) are:

a) The airbags, as the dashboard light has been on since I bought it over 10 years ago

b) Of course, the soft/loud exhaust noise switch as it now has a bespoke stainless steel exhaust system fitted.

c) The A/C stopped getting cool a fortnight ago so probably needs regassing as I’d not had to do it in the 10 years I’d had the car.

There are photos on: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=6288747558d7ce9d&sc=photos&uc=1&id=6288747558D7CE9D!247

I will not be breaking this car up for parts. My main concern is to get the vehicle off Eurospec’s new premises.

Sorry to hear it’s going Paul, it looks like a great example. I’m not in the market but what sort of price are you looking to get for it?


Hi Staff,

Looking at what’s around and what’s on eBay already, I reckon to someone who can look after the clutch change themselves, it would be a bargain for £1000.

£1000! I’m almost tempted at that money :shock:

■■■■■■ hell Paul!! Somebody should tear your arm off for that price!! I just wish I was in a better finiancial position :frowning:

go for it pete,something else to do :lol:


go for it pete,something else to do :lol:[/quote]

I cant go out and get another burgundy one- Id have to get it sprayed and then it all starts all over again! :shock: :lol: