Bury St Edmunds car show

Well we just got back from a really enjoyable day out.
Met up with 2 other GTO owners (TNT110) and (Tubs) who should be rejoining pretty soon.
To be honest, I only went there for the underlighting competition only to find out that they held it on the saturday night but never mind, I put the flyer up in my car to enter any other relevent competitions and had a poodle round looking at a lot of classic motors (Ah memory lane).
The judges came round throughout the day and then Cyclone from Gladiators turned up, of course that was the photo opportunity, anyway time came to announce the winners and TNT100 walked away with Best paint and best install (well deserved) and surprised that I was, considering my sub wasnt working, I came second in the install competition so a result for GTOs.
There were no boy racers and the food and drinks were very reasonably priced.
Definately going next year :smiley: :smiley: