Buying and Selling Guidlines

So it’s probably a good idea to remind people of good practise for buying and selling items.


  • Conduct your own due diligence - ensure you are happy with the person you are buying from, are they reputable, do you trust them?

  • Ask for pictures, in detail, so you know exactly what you are buying, don’t complete a transaction blind, you’ll have no comeback.

  • if you are paying direct into someones bank account or a paypal gift, you are the person taking the risk and have no come back financially.

  • if you are paying the full amount before receiving the item, again you are taking all the risk, is the seller trustworthy?

  • Ask questions, ensure you understand exactly what you are buying, don’t leave things to chance, use words like ‘is it working’ or ‘is it damaged’ and get a reply in writing confirming exactly what you are agreeing to buy and it’s condition.

  • if you aren’t happy with the deal or the terms, back out. Don’t just ‘wing it’ because it’ll be alright, it won’t.


  • Be as descriptive as possible.

  • List any marks/damage, whether the item is new or used or damaged in any way.

  • Always cover your back, ensure you have confirmed exactly what it is and what is going on in writing to any potential buyer.

  • Don’t be afraid of asking for a token deposit on big items, but always specify if it is refundable or non refundable and lay out exact guidlines for when it is and when it isn’t.

  • Be prepared to deal with any backlash from a buyer if you haven’t done things properly, communicate quickly and effectivley and bring the matter to a swfit close fairly.

  • Ensure your potential buyer has seen as many photographs in detail as possible and agreed to buy it in the condition of the photos you have sent.

  • You can offer a refund for complete satisfaction if you want, again terms etc need to be laid out from the start and who and how much of any shipping is covered if an item is returned.

  • Use reputable signed/insured delivery companies whenever you can so items can be traced and delivery proved.

  • If you’re selling lots of items, deliver the same service to everyone, think would you like to be kept waiting weeks just because your order is smaller than someone else’s or not worth as much. Otherwise lay out timeframes from the start so people know what to expect.

  • Communicate throughly throughout the whole process.

  • Don’t fallout with people who don’t complete transactions with you, simply say thank you and never mind and move on.


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