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Hi all just joined the forum , I’m thinking of buying either a gto or Nissan 300zx , I’m really torn between the 2 . Cars only goin to be used at weekends in the summer . Will be garage all year round . I’m ex Subaru tech of over 20 years , had a career change and got out the motor trade 8 years ago , what’s pros,cons of gto ownership ? I’ve already checked insurance cost , and mpg not an issue as won’t be everyday car . Seen a few for sale I like , also notice some on eBay a dealer in London got about 8 for sale , noticed they’ve been on for months without price change . I’m based inl Lincolnshire near Cadwell park . Just like a few pointers so I no what to look for
Thanks in advance

Have a read of our buyers guide , good check list of what to look for ,

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Welcome along, you don’t ‘want’ a GTO, you need a GTO. Heard some good things about the guy in London, also heard a few bad things about him too, so buyer beware. The guide is really good, a few other things, be prepared to remove a couple of small covers in the boot to have a look behind and also, using a torch, have a look down the inner wing from inside the open door, where the wing bolts to the body.
Other than that, I’ve had one of these since 2012 and absolutely love 'em.

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Rust is first check, for me anyway as well as inside the boot look underneath where the drains are under the antenna on lhs and same area rhs around the fuel tank and then rear of the sills and the joints of metal from the floorpan to the bulkheads these can go puffy.
plenty of threads on here to follow up on how good or bad they can be and how to treat (just done one) So check out the bodyshell look for any crash damage in main members.
Chassis /suspension parts that bolt onto the body shell will almost certainly be rust coated if not a fresh import which can be almost like new, but not really an issue usualy cosmetic and can cleaned etc to whatever level you want.
Mechanically can have lifter tick, lived with or flushing engine or big bore lifters can be fitted.
Squeaky pulleys is quite common and crank pulleys can delaminate so one to note.
Look for mid position on the temp guage, fan kicking in, air con fan works when ac is on, check ac control unit in the car is good as difficult to replace.
Oil pressure should be on/above centre mark when warm at 2000 revs. If low can replace sender unit and loom, l have done this 2 or 3 times with good results, guages are not most accurate but good guide look for consistency.
Syncros on 2/3 gear can be worn and changes a little stiff when cold, should loosen up as the car warms, racing changes are not the trannys forte.
Check for drivetrain rumbles ( prop mounts/joints etc)
and bumpy brakes from speed, maybe sticking piston or other causes.
Check all electrics working, antenna, folding mirrors if Gto, not on 3000gt, check air bag srs light on dash gies out also abs as mot fail and some parts hard to get
Check about servicing cambelt waterpump change needs done if not sure and oil levels in tranny transfer and diff, look for leaks, transfer only holds about 1/3 litre for example.
They are great looking cars should be nice smooth drive and most of the mechanical stuff is similar to other mitsubishi platforms so mostly normal stuff.
Sure you could cope with your experience and good luck finding a car and hope you get joined up to this great club.


Got a couple I’ve narrowed it down to £6k budget

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@CDMH has a cracking 3000GT he wants to move on, lots of history too.

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Cheers mate ,:sunglasses: sold pending payment though , deposit in my account already


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Hi dude welcome,

The GTO’s can be such a pain in the arse! That said they are what they are but if you don’t have the wallet for one or the faith to keep one then what more can I say… They can be addictive and a love hate thing also,

The 300zx’s can also be a pain in the arse and arsey being the full power to the rear, they also suffer from that electric gremlin issues they are known for plus being Nissan don’t forget that lovely jdm rust :hugs:, …but find a good example be worth it all day long pretty much the same with a gto but I’ve never seen a 300 from my experience as neglected as much as gto’s get! Hence why finding a decent one and using the buyer guide kindly provided by our club is a must to follow that amount of information is invaluable to be honest and I’d also use your common sense on top.

Anyway good luck with your adventure keep us posted on your choice.:nerd_face:

Made my choice going to view a gto tomorrow,6 hour dive to :joy: will hopefully post pics tomorrow if I buy it


Welcome to the club… that’s what I like too see someone with ball’s just like me :joy:
Good luck mate :+1:

How’s sex change going Dave :rofl::rofl:


Good luck…