C & S [email protected] Sherborne Castle pic thread


Classic & Supercar show @ Sherborne Castle pic thread

Hi guys,

Well what a day, to start big thanks to @mickJ for coming along great day had the pleasure of meeting new people with gto’s and ran out of flyers. Ironically when me and Mick parked up a new gto owner joined us so immediately got the info going :wink:.

Anyway saw a lovely Mrk 3 gto picture belows and hopefully the owner will join as well I mean this gto was mint as they come so credit to her.

Anyway guys hope more will attend next year as its a awesome show hope you like the pics.

Arriving via the back route :joy:

The approach Mick following!

Setting up!

Other Gto :+1:

The Castle!.

Mr cool here below :hugs:


Hi Tony,

Are the pictures being put up later, I ask this as I can’t see any pictures. :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Give a man a chance :joy: did you go to spec savers :laughing:


No, went to Morrisons and bought a pair off the stand. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Some beautiful cars there
Jerry :grinning:


Looks a cracking show, great photo’s, our cars looking good, fit in well with all those classics and supercars


take the stickers off the front Terry!!:slight_smile: