Cam cover to Rocker cover seal-Rob comes up trumps again ;-)


Can you get the thin rubber seal that’s in the cam cover cover that bolts onto the rocker cover or do I need to go to a maindealer ?



In stock give me a call…


Cheers Rob

Hi Rob

Do you have an ETA mate.



Hi Kevin,

We have a mega delivery in late next week, will give you a buzz when it arrives…and let you know the damage £

Cheers Rob



Rob, did you ever get those rear steering assist links or the windscreen washers you were getting me?

The original part I thought kevin was on about was in stock, but upon talking to him, he was actually after the cam belt cover seal gaskets, which i have ordered for him.

And yes I have all the items you asked for, but as you left the club and did not contact me i have done nothing about them, aprt from leave them in stock.

I was under the impression that you had bought the assist links from your local dealer steve?

The jets are still in stock if you want them