Cambridge greetings

Hi all,

Recently forayed into the world of the GTO with the purchase of a '90 twin turbo. It’s currently up on axle stands with the rear axle dropped out for some TLC, but I look forward to getting stuck in once I’ve put it back together!




Welcome to the club! You will need to get some pictures up before this lot start hounding you for them!! :wink:

Hi Max,

Thanks for the welcome. Have attached a before shot (if it’ll work) - it’s looking a bit more sorry for itself now though mind!

She looks a beauty!! Nice to see a red one rather than pink! Is it original paint?

Finally I’m not the only one in Cambridge :slight_smile: welcome!!

Hi Aj welcome to GTOUK

@ms8leach is your way too

Craig :smile:

Hi Aj Iam 32 miles from cambridge near RAF lakenheath base , are you near here ? or i anybody else ?

Hello and welcome, glad to see another red one! Despite what these guys says reds the best!!

Thanks for the welcome all!
Max, it’s not the original paint no, she’s been re-sprayed (same colour) - looks to be a fine job though.

I’m just outside Ely Matt, so well within half an hour from you.

Must say, i haven’t seen one around these parts for a long long time; glad to see mine won’t be alone! I hope to have it up and running within a couple of weeks. Am intending to give it the once over, and probably disconnect the rear wheel steer while I’m at it.

Used to be 2 kicking around Ely a while back a silver N/a and a black TT they both belonged to @boo

Craig :smile:

Welcome along mate WE LOVE RED

Nice to see another non pink one

Welcome to the club.
Don’t believe the red guys on here , they all no that yellow is the best :grinning:
Car look great, welcome to the banter

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@Martyn you only went yellow because you weren’t cool enough for blue!! :wink:


I’m not too far away from you, about 25 mins. Near King’s Lynn

Oh hear we go again someone mentions red and we’re off lol…Ive covered my pink bits fed up with rubbing them


Welcome to the club. I’m about 40 minutes from you

Hi you lot
I am in Feltwell , mine is on axle stands as well at the mo , The gearbox is out I took it to a track day and I must have gone into reverse ,when I was going foward ,subsequently no reverse anymore , 9 hours it took to get the box out , prior to the track day my gto had been sat in my garage for 9 years , so I think a full overhaul and big service is due ?hopefully back on the road by the end of august All going well ? ? ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I often pop over to brandon as I’ve got relatives over there

This is a proper red car !!

All others are just wishy washy red :grinning:


Often seen grazing on the Evil Empire forecourt , very very occassionaly spotted on the camping grounds of GTOUK meets , normally occurs the same year the queen actually smiles

Craig :laughing: