Camping Kit for Japfest

For those of us camping at Silverstone on Sat, I have started this thread, to try an make sure we get all the bits and bobs we need to make the night go well.
There are not many of us camping over, so we will not have the usual benefit of volume of people, so everything is covered.


I am planning on bringing…

Tent- with a seating area
Cool Box. (I can bring frozen sausages/burgers etc) (Bex has offered to bring a small barbie)
Water containers.
I have a small gas hob thingy. It’s really tiny, but will, eventually, boil a kettle.
I do have a camping kettle also, Not great, but will suffice.

There is probably more, but if others can list the more event type things they re bringing, we can perhaps cover things so we can at least sit down, make some tea/coffee. Have something hot to eat, and music to listen to?



Beer and my vape thingy.

I have the GTOUK flags and things already.

I can bring tea and coffee supplies and maybe a few cheeky mugs for us all.

I might be able to steal some camping chairs from work.


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I have 3 x camping chairs and a gas cooker thingy (aerosol can type). If Bex is taking a small Barbie, I might take my Action Man.


So who is your Action man? :thinking:

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I will bring along a pack of cards.