Can anyone advise on this GTO on gumtree?

Im looking to buy my first GTO and have seen this advert on gumtree

It doesnt state if its a turbo or not nor if its an import - can anyone advise anything at all on this ?

Its really appreciated!



That is alot of money, that is a non turbo. I know of a clean mk1 twin turbo that is under 1500.

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Thanks for getting back to me - do you have any link to the GTO mk 1 for sale please I really would love to see it!
Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Lee – this is me btw

Neil’s 100% first thing I thought was wow that’s expensive for a non turbo mk1.

She hasn’t advertised yet, ill get you her contact details for you.

Thats great - I really appreciate it - I hope its a black one automatic ??

Its black but manual, the twin turbos all come in manual.

This car is nothing to do with me, I just know its going to be a bargain for someone, ill pm you contact details.

It looks amazing! - Im totally new at this so im still getting to grips with the models - I think a TT would be the way to go - Do you know where its based ? Please send me the details :smile: THANKS!

Sent you two messages :slight_smile:

That grey GTO is a rare beastie though tbh it is one of the special editions , they don’t come up to often , especially in Auto guise and it does look in good nick

Craig :smile:

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i thought the specials were all tt’s ?


Those are the only ones I have seen too @Paulw thing is it looks genuine otherwise someone has gone to a lot of expense to colour match and find the interior . Its an intriguing car I must admit , stood out when I spotted it a while back

Craig :smile:

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Ive heard the Autos are a nightmare anyway? it doesnt have a turbo gauge on the dash so im assuming its non turbo - so might be not worth the bother… looks good tho! Im going to look at manual one soon

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They did make the MR version in the Non Turbo too

The MK1 MR’s are not modified like the MK2 were with mechanical differences

But were like cosmetically enhanced version

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Thanks for the info - so this is just a standard non turbo ?

The car that @NAS posted is one I considered. The only reason I didn’t go and see it was it was a fair way from me and while trying to find time to go I found one almost on my doorstep. And if Neil says its a clean car then it probably is. If you are based close to that one then go and have a look. If nothing else it will give you a benchmark for others you go and see. But I am pretty sure you will buy it :wink:


That’s up the road from me, he’s a dealer I know very little about other than its changed hands a million times.
It has been for sale for 18 mths or more says it all really,Buy a turbo I had back n/a auto same you won’t regret it😀

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Thanks for your help and support its all very daunting but i love these cars and im jumping a bit into the unknown but you only live once! Lol

@leereed60 are you local there are 2 of us with tt’s I know of in norwich you can come for s look and see the difference a turbo makes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi thanks for the invite im actually based in watford so probably bit too far? If you are ever in the area id love to see :slight_smile: i think i will go for the TT tho!