Cannot renew


Hey imstruggling to renew my membership, i cant seem to add it to the shopping cart in order to pay am i doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance


Hi Chris your membership was on hold, try to purchase it again Making sure you are logged in.
Thanks Dave


Once you have your full membership Chris let me know and I will reactivate your sales post


Craig :grinning:


Right think I have done it I should be all renewed.
it just took me straight in this time and I could pay it. For some reason before it wouldn’t let me add it to the cart
That’s great thanks a lot


When you take out membership and pay with PayPal it creates a auto renewal, if you cancel it when the auto renewal tries to take payment and can’t the club shop puts it into a hold situation.
Unless we cancel that hold you can’t pay through the shop again, all done now :+1:


Do You wish to be added on the Full Members Location map Chris ? If You do PM me the first part of Your postcode . Cheers


Sorry only just seen this but yes please its ME20