Cant log onto Forum

Every time I try to register I get the message: “Could not open socket” can anyone help me register.

Many thanks

I guess you have a pop up blocker


is your username is matt_tt not matt tt


Matt_TT is not me. I have looked through the played up members, Matt_TT is a guy from Somerset.

I’ve also tried logging on as a guest using other names, I still get the same message.

I will try to get on through another computer.

Thanks anyway

Hmm, I think there may be another problem somewhere, I got this from someone else today:


I would love to register but there seems to be a technical problem. After pressing ?Submit?, after a short delay I am taken to a page that reads ?Could not open socket?.

Can you help please.



Must be something about the captcha maybe not able to open a port to the captcha server, this new server firewall is a pain in the arse