Can't post in Classifieds


Hi I don’t seem to be able to put a wanted advert in the Classified section I am sure there is a reason but I am not aware of what it is

Any help gratefully received




Can you not see this catagory ?


Sorry for having to ask for help, but No could not navigate to that particular page without your link despite trying, I could not get the “New Topic” to light up and allow a post but i am sure that is just my poor navigation skills on this site, there are lots of things that I have tried to look at and been unsuccessful however I shall keep trying.

I am sure a lot of my questions will seem obvious to other users but that is why I joined the forum to try and improve my knowledge


@brillo21 I will make a video of how to navigate the website for you and post it up.


How to navigate our forum, post up pictures etc via pc @brillo21