Car fest south 2014

Does anyone fancy having a club meet at car fest south 2014? A couple of my clients went this year and they said it was amazing … And the photos looked great, think it would be 3 nights camping.
Would be great to get loads of us there. They have live bands too

Where is it and when Steve ?

What cars are involved ? pop a link up, im sure the event organisers on here will help you If you want to organise this yourself or will step in and do it for you

Craig :slight_smile:

It’s run in conjunction with radio 2 and chris Evans
It’s at laver stoke farm Hampshire

Link to this years page

They had Texas as their lead band. And the wurzels lol

Dancing diggers. Quad bike car jumper. Air displays, car show (obviously) hill climb, kids activity area … Soft play area (suitable for Stevie and Craig) :wink:
Lol I don’t want to organise it as not great at organising things!!
Think it will be the same to e next year… August

If you want we have access to a farm with full catering facilities on site if you ever wanted to arrange anything GTO specific, camping, whatever etc

Depending on work commitments ill go, if you need any help arranging the event give me a shout :slight_smile:


I’d be up for this! Something local at last :wink:

Though I have just seen the camping price and feel like crying lol Though 25% does go to children in need :smiley:

Maybe we could get a deal as a club on a VIP area if we ask nicely and early enough.

Family (2 adults + 2 children) £230

VIP - Family (2 adults + 2 children) £480

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

May not then :frowning:


Wow sorry guys didn’t realise it was that expensive… That’s ■■■■■■ stupid! :-/

Gav out of interest was that the prices for visitors? I’m sure there would be differences for exhibitors?? Is it worth slinging them an email??(Craig??) would be great considering all the music and attractions etc?

WOUCH !!! that’s pretty steep , especially with Jae just afterwards , Gavin this here farm you mentioned ? Talk ( I know your good at that :lol: ) what can be done ?

Craig :slight_smile:

Anything you like, it’s Kerry’s cousins farm. They have catered for a few car clubs before and are eager to do more. Hey said they’d happily slaughter a pig for us for a hog roast. I put something up about it last year but there wasn’t enough interest. It’s not far off the m27 so your a good drive to Southampton town centre or new forest. I’ve been to a fIr few family dos there, festivals farmers markets etc it’s always been well catered for. They normally stick up bouncy castles and things too.

I spoke to him about it before and he just said let me know when if we were ever interested.

Right guys wonder if this could be a go’er after all? I’ve just had a response from car fest and

"We would love to see the GTO and GT Owners Club attend CarFest!

So that you are clear we do charge a fee to Car Clubs which amounts £450 of which £50 goes to Children in Need - the remainder goes towards event cost, in return we do provide up to 2 passes per car and we ask each club to bring seven club cars for your stand – each pass is the equivalent to an event ticket so your chosen members can benefit from attending as a club stand and they are welcome to stay to enjoy the music offering each night.

An additional £25 is chargeable for camping per night per tent or if local drivers they can remove their cars each evening and return early in the morning of each days event.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards"

I know it’s a little on the expensive side but any thoughts are welcome :slight_smile:

You got more than I have, I also contacted them and waiting for a reply. Is it suppose to be that good, everyone I know who went didn’t enjoy it.


I spoke to a couple of people and they enjoyed it.

Difficult to say I guess, depends on who you are or what you enjoy, more of a family fun weekend with live music rather than a petrol head thing

Sounds a good event to go to…if we get 20 cars to attend and make a good club stand.

Then the £450 club fee could be split to 22.50 per car plus 25 per tent per night for camping Fri-Sat-Sun nights (75 total) which would equate to 97.50 per car or there abouts.

£100 is steep for a weekend camping. If we stayed off site it would be alright though.

You would be very lucky to get tickets anyway, this years tickets were gone in minutes & then most of em appeared on eBay, the cost is actualy not too bad considering all the live acts etc etc.


These are display tickets so not avaliable for general sale, I have a feeling that the show will only allow us to take 7 cars however there is a carfest north as well as carfest south, so as a club we may have to limit which event people can go to… Southerners to south etc just to make things fair for club users.

I think Julian’s right about the price especially with what’s on offer.
This isn’t yet a definate meet or us next year yet I think it’s going to be talked about by the commity and see if a deal can be struck with carfest for more tickets & r other perks.

I wonder if we could discuss a total cost with the organisers for Carfest North and South, that providing we get 7 or more gto’s to each event…