Car for sale 3000gt

So due to my health (arthritis) im selling my 96 3000gt in blue.
Just had new mot with no advisories. Failed in november on couple bits of welding etc …but i did remove rear subframe clean surface rust painted and put back on.same to fuel tank .fitted new fuel sender unit and replaced fuel lines all 3 with braided hoses .deleted the 4ws and put adjustable camber arms on …finish with a 4 wheel alinement …
Car has tein edfc including the sat nav bit.
Evil empire front exhaust pipe with sports cat .and a mongoose exhaust .
The headlights changed to glass ones .(still have plastic ones)
Did the cam belt .water pump .pullyys 2 years ago .
Has larger ally radiator .not sure what make as was on when i bought it.
Did polly bush whole front new bearings .track rod ends and did mk1 front arm conversion.
4 new abs sensors .
Want to sell car with all spare parts i have from a doner car i broke 2 years ago.
I will list as many as i can but there will be a lot more as just cant list it all
Starter motor. alternator. Prop shaft. Diff and alll 4 drive shafts. 6 spd gearbox. All parts to reinstall rws including rear steering rack that was refurbed a while ago.
Front steering rack. Car has oem wheels on but will come with enkie nt03 wheels in black .last pic shows them on car .2 of tyres need replacing
Rocker covers . Cam plastic covers. Whole inter cooler set of pipes . Carb intake. Coolant manifold . Oil pump. Side skirts . Maff pro system. Rear subframe .front subframe and cross members . All engine mounts.
This is a few parts but lots more and new bits that i never got round to putting on car…all parts i have was to future proof the car for future . Buyer would really need to come have a look …looking for near to 12k as i can .
But knowing the market will take offers .aircon is not working but have whole system to replace parts but im sure just small leak…i have seals for it too.
If you need any info just pm me for phone number as i can chat better than i type
Cheers rik


Good luck with the sale :+1: