Car holding back misfire underload


Jesus you got lucky then, the old engine would have been a 2 bolt main i assume? The 94 should be a 4 bolt (rob would know for sure) the 4 bolts can take more of a beating. As for the ecu i cant comment there as the newer type would be obd2 compatible so i can only assume the plugs are different (i know, assumptions are the mother of all uck ups) :joy:

After a quick google search i would have to say no on the ecu, as the pinout numbers are different, also looking at jester chrome ecu site they list different ecu’s for the different years. See pic attached.



This is car engine came from think it must of been rolled hope he was ok I just want it to run right it sounds like it not firing on all plugs when ticking over when been drove might change plugs there new but Carnt remember what type which is best plz


:sob::sob: that poor little red baby! Such a shame. Ignore the “3000gt” in my pic i do that becuase if i put gto google assumes i mean the mustang or pontiac whatever it is :laughing: and mitsubishi gto confuses it even more, too many letters i guess.

Ahh you didnt say its missing on idle before… Pull a plug lead off and replace it 1 by 1 while idling, listen for a change in engine note… If there is only 1 plug lead that does nothing you need to see if it actually has a spark. Either use a noid light type tester (sits between the plug and lead and flashes with each spark pulse or go the old fashioned way and use an old plug in the lead rested on the cam cover, strongly advise against that as its about 20,000 volts and electrical gizmos dont like it :wink: never had an issue before but you cant say i didnt warn you) if theres no spark from the lead its either dead lead or fualty coil, if it flashes but deffinately has a miss on that cylinder its either dead plug or loss of compression, unlikely but possibly a dead injector.

Another thing you could check is get it ticking over, preferably when dark and look around the coils for a spark jumping off the coils to a metal object, trained ears can hear the crack of the spark just with the bonnet up (done that many a time usually crappy old ford ka’s the spark jumpsfrom the lead to the head) :grin: good luck!


Could this be to do with the EGR as you put a UK spec engine into a Gto?


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Fit an MBC off eBay worked for me…
Never did make it back here… poor Smokin :joy:


I wouldnt have thought so if the GTO manifolds (in/exh) were used, or even just use the non egr inlet and blank the exhuast egr ports it wouldnt make a difference… Even on the 3000gt 1st thing id do is blank the egr as its just regurgitating poop back into the inlet, much like if you stick a tube up your own bunghole and put it in your mouth, you dont want that… Do you? :joy:


Try changing your fuel! That worked with mine :slight_smile:


I took the front plugs out and one of them was black dry other 2 was fine I tested ptu for continuity from 4 11 12 13 was reading just under 600 any idea mate


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Is this the fuel pump relay ?image|374x500


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