Car holding back misfire underload


I’m new on here I’ve owned my gto 7 month I’ve changed everything even engine and still getting misfire and blackish shoot in exhaust ecu been done new plugs leads fuel pump vacuum test it’s a nightmare now I just want to drive it any ideas I haven’t changed ptu o


Ptu, s are definitely worth a try a faulty one had caused many a misfire. l know where there are some at a good price, give me a pm if you want and l will let you know.
Good luck, cheers.


Im sure the ptu would be a constant misfire, does it miss under load hot or cold? Correct plug type used? Fuel filter changed? Could be a wastegate actuator sticking, i see its a mk1 so no obd port to read codes from, have you tried checking the flash codes? Not sure how a duff maf would react on these yet as ive yet to experiance that, i know my old friends scooby would violently kangaroo once it started to boost due to a dodgy MAF it was that violent infact that it split the centre viscous diff! Thus resulting in a transfer case bearing overhual and i repaired the viscous coupling/diff


I’ve a spare maff but the sensor seems to be aiming sidewards were mine is long ways does all maffs fit and it’s slightly smaller than mine ???


My number 07780820822 Jerry mate


Could you post a pic of the 1 on the car at the mo, then a pic of the spare to compare the 2?


Welcome to GTOUK Neil, I’ll agree with Ben fueling problem perhaps , best think to do is sign up for full membership so You can access the full forum. Here is lots of info and technical data You gonna need in days to come ! :+1:


You need the right one for the engine in the car, it should have a sticker on the original maf with 3 no,s on it, last 3 of the part no, a mk2 tt is 618 for example.
Yours will be different


When i 1st got mine on the road i had teething issues (11 years standing!) obviously all belts/idlers/waterpump changed, tank out cleaned new uprated walbro pump, all oils, filters i got it mot’d and took it for a run, everytime i hit boost it would pop fart and judder like crazy, id overlooked 1 important part, spark plugs! New set iridiums and it was a completely different animal, in 1st and 2nd atleast… 3rd and up the old clutch would let go completely so i could race away from a junction or lights, then id have to nurse it along up the rest of the gears :joy::joy:


Welcome to the club, have you bypassed or replaced the fuel pump relay near is headlight, under fusebox ? Fuel under load can cause this as others have said.

Nice to see some pictures too :+1:well done lol



Interesting read Ben, sounds like you know your stuff.



A 618 maf is for a mk2 tt 4 bolt engine


I’ve read about it on internet mate anything worth a try


E5T06072 (618) is just a newer revision of the older type on your car, these are interchangable across all TT’s :+1:t2:


I’ve just had 94 engine put in mate could this work then :face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer:


Did you keep the old engine? And why was it changed??


What about ecu I have a spare 98 one in mint condition would that work has well or keep the 92 ecu in sorry for been thick I’m new to these cars :+1:


The crankshaft went and a engine with 22000 miles came up at nippon at Darby


Yes got old engine my mates got it