Car in maidenhead

gonna look at a car in maiden head .blue one on ebay…mot history says the rear wheel steer was disabled …how to check and why would this be done …this is the third one i m looking at.rik

Hi Rik, I’m no expert but most obvious way to check would be to see if the track rod ends and/or pipe work is still in place. It would most likely be removed for weight saving and lack of availability on parts to maintain it. Rear steering delete is quite common on these cars.

Anyone after a gto mk1? Their is a guy selling one for 650 and apparently its mint with no rust and everything works except some engine is missing.

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Probably disabled due to leaking, but you should be able to see if the rack is still on the car. If it has a delete kit fitted properly that is not a bad thing. I have seen cars with bubble wrap cable ties round an expanded bellows on the rack, and the hydraulic pipes cut, bent over and crushed, passed an mot ok for years !!!
Do you know what a rearcrack looks like?
Photo on a subframe


Not sure about a rearcrack !!!

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I was just about to put some pictures up that I found on the tinternet of rear cracks for You Jerry :rofl::rofl: but must keep it family friendly

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A typo but thought it to funny to edit it !!
(Lost me smilies)

Maidenhead, my home town.

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That crack looks awesome Jerry :wink:

Hi do have contact details for the mk1 thanks

Hi do have contact details for the mk1 thanks

OK so been to look at the car.
No front aero
Clutch heavy
Engine seems OK as was serviced a lot before it was off road for long time. And standard.
Timing belt done 15k ago which was 2004
Rusty underneath but not too bad
Drives good.
Nice bloke
Not sure how much clutch and timing belt would cost
Oh and an oil leak from crank I think.


Front aero tray - no problem @jensen360 is making some :+1:

Heavy clutch this could be the vacuum system- is it still on the car or is their a vacuum leak?

Changing a clutch isn’t that bad just need to get the car up on some good high axel stands - certainly doable on your drive.

Timing belt - well I’ve not done one but I guess if you got the parts a good garage who employs mechanics and not part swappers should be capable.

The oil leak - this could be many things but quite possibly the oil cooler lines as they corrode over time - can always get an aftermarket oil cooler and lines.

Have a think and go with your head.

Good luck :+1:



Timing belt is a must it’s long over due regardless of mileage ( well over the eco ended life in years ) so possibly use that for a bargaining tool

Oil leak , these suffer a lot from leaking cam cover gaskets , partly through the ridiculously low torque and a bit of a pants design tbh , run your hand along the covers to see if there is any evidence

On the front head it’s obvious as you can see it sitting on top of the head casting in places

All in all it doesn’t sound to bad price dependent obviously

OK forgot to say srs light on