Car parking

Hi guys,
Just returned form Corfu on holiday to find a parking fine in my postbox.
This is from the AGM in Coventry .
Parkingeye wants to fine me £100 because I stayed for 3 hours.
This can be reduced to £60 if paid be 13/05/22.
Did anyone else receive such a gift or am I stupid enough not to have read to signage.
maybe next time i’ll check out the carparking rules first…


Steve, if you look back on this Forum, you’ll see that your are not alone. Many AGM attendees got clobbered. However, don’t despair, you’ll get the PCN cancelled. I believe Tracy is helping to sort this out for everyone, and she has been in direct contact with the hotel about it.
Basically it was necessary for people to sign their car registrations in at Reception, and that way, no parking fines are issued. Many didn’t know that this was the procedure. I was very fortunate and found out by sheer chance.
Hope Tracy spots this and will be able to offer her superb help once more.
All the best,


cheers Mike
just looked and messaged Tracie.

many Thanks