Car shakes?


Hi Everybody, my 1994GTO has a shake when I reach 60mph, it’s not the wheel balancing , tracking as I have all these done Inc 4 wheel alignment, also not the wheels as they have been changed, can anyone point me to what it might be. Thank you



Hi Paul you’ve been here sometime tell us about yourself and your car then maybe members will come up with some ideas.
Any pics of you car…


Sorry for not introducing myself, I’m Paul I live at Southport , this is my 1st GTO 'mk2 she is pearl white , I will put some pics on as soon as I have chance preferably after a Good clean.
Best regards


Try your bottom ball joints and the rest of the suspension bushes. Check your tyres, there might be a slight bulge in one of them. Is there a noise from the front? If there is could be a bearing. Just offering some ideas.

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Could be a faulty abs sensor too, as Terry was saying dont forget newbie category is really just for introductions,
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Does the vibration increase as you increase your speed? I’d be taking a closer look at the tyres. Check the insides of each tyre wall. There may be some distortion. Worth a look at least. Do you experience vibration when braking? Any vibration felt through the steering wheel? Just fishing for more clues…



Unbalanced propshaft???
Unbalanced wheels???
Warn cv joints???
Another thing are you sure it’s working on all cylinders? As that would cause shakey symptoms too
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Front active aero spoiler?
If it’s deformed or any of the inspection hatches have fallen off…


Sorry for my late reply, I I had trouble signing in & have just managed tonight, Thanks Everyone for your suggestions it will be helpful

Cheers paul


Hi Mike, the vibration gets worse when accelerating then eases as I come off the accelerator, braking also shakes the car, I had all four tyres balanced & the tyre fitter didn’t mention any abnormalities.

Thanks paul


Hi kiddo so body posted something some while ago it can’t be your brakes as you said you were accelerating so it might be the props haft bearings if they are out of balance then it will cause a vibrations throughout the car might be a possible cause cheers Steve ,


Hi Jerry,
The cv joint rubber gaitors are not split so I assume the joints will be ok.
Thanks paul


Thanks for that steve, this vibration seems to have started when I changed the front brake discs?? I thought maybe these are somehow unbalanced the wheels somehow, just a thought


Off subject for the moment, I do I upload a pic of my car.


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Ok Dave, Sorry I didn’t know this, I’m grateful for the feedback I have received, I will be looking into been a member.

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Hi Paul , I am graham also from southport , I have owned 3 of these cars , look at the propshaft bearings