Cat converter

My cat converter has split on my 1993 GTO manual N/A.
Can anyone supply one for me?
Thank you

I can make you one a fully stainless steel one and it will fit perfectly Derek on your NA Car

Give me a call tomorrow if you want more info

Regards Rob


Great bit of kit .got one on my 3000gt.

Don’t bother with a cat, if it’s a GTO import pre August 1995 (check what your log book says your car is!) it isn’t subject to the cat emissions test. The GTO isn’t listed in the MOT emissions book and isn’t a 3000GT (different market) so basic emissions test applies up to August 1995 date of manufacture.

Thanks for that info. But a split cat would cause problems such as engine cutting out, petrol consumption, etc. So although it would be okay re: emissions at the next MOT, I would still need to sort out those problems first.

I’ve got one of Robs. Brilliant and passed Mot without precats

I meant that you could fit a simple cat delete pipe.

Thanks again for the info.