Categories when view in mobiles

Hi, i was just posting a new thread and noticed that when selecting the category from the drop down list, it seems complicated.
It lists every single option without trying to group them.
Makes it difficult to know where to post.
Aso noticed same thing on navigation of th site.
Can it be tidied up at all?
Many thanks.

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That’s a question for @DeanMarkTaylor :grin:

Hi @Marty_K,

Tidying up and reducing the number of categories has been on the todo list for the Committee for a long time.

This has been identified as an issue before releasing he updated forum… however only received probably 2/3 mentions of it.

Although some work has been done - it just comes down to the massive number of categories of actually well-organised content.

I did put forward a plan for alternative category selection development over a year ago - however it seems to be very far down on the todo list.

User feedback is important - so feel free to highlight how important this issue or others might be…
… it does have an impact on what gets done here.


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Not reducing the total number of categories.
It’s just every single one is visible, all at the same time.
What iI was thinking of, is only having the main categories visible, and when you select your main category, the appropriate sub categories then become visible for you to select from.
It is just a bit messy how it currently is.

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This is exactly what I have had proposed over a year ago.


I think us members should go on strike untill the committee sort it out :joy::joy: (Runs and hides)

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I think this is a great idea. I’ve thought the exact same thing as Marty before, I just try to keep my head down.

Yain’t got far to go @Steven_Smith :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :joy:

Terry :sunglasses:

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