Centrus Limited (Manchester)

These very nice people have just taken my case on. Basically, if you in an accident that involved the 3rd party causing all damage (in my case I was parked on my drive and not even in the car) then they can help get your car fixed asap and give you a car whilst yours is off the road.

So far they been very helpful and have given me good backing without me having to rely on my insurrance company (which could have resulted in premiums going sky high).

There number is 0500 333 330
Web-site is: www.centrus.co.uk

Might help you or someone you know in the future should anything similar happen as did to me.



To follow up, my car has been approved by them, by the engineer sent round and so now the body shop is ordering the parts. Yey, I’m getting my car back as it should be!!! It’s taken a while but as soon as Centrus stepped in then things have been moving a lot quicker. The depression and burden now feels lifted off my shoulders.

I can’t wait to get my car back looking how it should. Then maybe I can finally get the Manx Test underway and hopefully there be no huge bills involved there and I can stick my black plates on it and do a dance of joy! Yey!!!


A further update…

Centrus and the Body Shop called me last week to confirm that the body shop had now received the parts and could arrange booking in for the GTO. It was booked in for today and I took it down there.

I paid a £25 insurrance fee to Centrus on phone last week, which covers me should they not be able to get money back from the 3rd Party Insurrance company.

Very helpful staff who gladly talk through every detail if you want help understanding anything before signing any documents.

They give a curtosy hire car too and I’m plesently surprised. I thought I would be given just a basic range Ford Focus or Fiesta but that’s not the case… I’ve been given a very nice and new MG ZR with the full MG bodykit and everything.

Centrus supply their own fully comp insurrance to cover me on this car while I have it so that is also a great service.

Very happy with the service they have given me as well.

Oh, I dropped the car off this afternoon and they are going to call me Thursday morning to confirm a time that day to pick it up. Nice fast service all round.