Chairman's Report 2022

Hi Members,

Well due to circumstances over the last two years I have not frequented the forum as much as I normally do, in fact I neglected my role as Chairman. I developed Osteoarthritis in all my joints, leading to me having to retire and close our company. Depression set in, so GTOUK sat on a back burner. (members who know me, this was unusual).

I had full intentions of standing down assuming someone else could do a better job than I have done over the last two years. I made this quite clear in the
Committee section, but no one applied or put their name forward. So here I still am.

At the AGM I sat there looking out to the audience and realised just what I was letting go of.

TBH I’m so glad that I keep my role as Chairman, realising that now I have more time on my hands, not working, to help push GTOUK, beyond limits of any other Club.

On a good day, I am still able to move around and do things that I love, because we have an amazing NHS Service, my consultant has my medication and pain relief spot on to make this possible, but I’m not the man I was.

Well that’s the crap out of the way.

Due to the new structure of the Clubs Constitution/Rules, I would like to thank the
Committee members who have dedicated time and effort over the last two years, these guys took a lot of time and effort to help run this club.

Hopefully we can have them back as Admin. There will be a post asking for members who wish to help in Admin Roles in the near future.

So what have we got to look forward to?

Meets (looking good with numbers for GTOUK’s first two meets)
Car of the month will be back with winners receiving Cups/Certificates until the end of the year. In addition from December the Car of the month entrants and winners will also be part of a 2023 Calendar.

@GSXRKID (Rob) has kindly stated he wishes to run a competition by Evil Empire Performance. (Watch the forum for details.)

There will be a few changes on the forum as I go through and simplify the categories and do a little tidying.

GTOUK will evolve to another level, it’s all down to you guys, we pride ourselves in what our Club has achieved, it’s always been a family and it is great to see new members posting and putting ideas forward, it is YOUR Club.

Club meets are a great place to meet members, get ideas and help. It can be daunting for the first one, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy it and hopefully be a regular.

There are meets that you don’t have to take your car to like Birthday Bash, Christmas Do and AGM, another thank you to the newbies who turned up to this years AGM.

Newbies please don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

There is so much this club has to offer, we are not a big club with these cars dwindling, but we sure stand out with our platform, the security and the professional hosting and maintenance by @skl Thank you Stephen. The merchandise, Club Assets, all contribute to our Image.

We stand where other clubs fail, having Car Clubs talking to us at major meets, just in ore at what we have.

I have worked with Simon @3000gt for many years now the longest serving and founding member (Treasurer) and President of GTOUK, I look forward to working with him for the next two years.

Our new Secretary @James3000GT took over from @Tracie in the last quarter and has certainly stepped into the role, great to see the enthusiasm and ideas.

Lastly Tracie, what can I say she is always there behind the scenes, daily she scrolls through every posts helping where ever she can, she is not one to take praise, a big Thank You Tracie.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any problems or ideas relating to GTOUK.