Chairman's Report 2024

It’s been two years since my last Chairman’s Report usually posted before an AGM.

Since the last report, things have plodded along nicely.

The platform for GTOUK and the automatic registration, both run by outside sources was one of the best things we invested in.

Before this was implemented it meant a major amount of work for the Secretary and Treasurer.

I would also like to thank our main Sponsors/Traders for their continued confidence in GTOUK.

Mirage Vape Stores
Evil Empire Performance
Adrian Flux

Member Subscription along with Sponsor/Trader fees cover our initial outgoings for our unique platform.

Yes, we could run our Club on Facebook, but that comes at a cost, organising events, social media disputes/monitoring controlled content.

What we have, as I’ve said many times is, a unique Club run with a Constitution by you the members. The Committee is voted by YOU at an AGM.

Looking at the numbers going to this years AGM they are very low, which is disappointing. I have also noticed a drastic drop in weekend meets, saying that, day meets are up and stable.

The forum has been great with interaction flowing all year round and still remains a great source of knowledge and banter.

As Chairman my role is to help the Club, it’s Members and hopefully keep things running smoothly.

I feel lucky and privileged to have helped this Club get to where it is now, walking into the role of the Committee is not as daunting with the things we now have in place .

Where I’m going with this now is personal to me only, being a Committee Member, Club Secretary and now Chairman for all these years I feel that maybe, the Club needs new inspiration.



This was a game changer




I just wanted to say you do an amazing job



Hi @stevie

You and the rest of the committee (Band of rogues) do a stunning job.

Always have time to listen to people and taken on boards the comments and opinions.

You do a sterling job, keep up the good work.

Thanks to all of you


This a truly special club :heart:

@stevie @Tracie @James3000GT @3000gt
@mutley99 @darren1 @ms8leach @GT_RED_DEVIL
@hawk @kevin_rhodes

I have never ever experienced such wonderful, caring, mindful, fun & thoughtful people

I would be super proud to help & support going forward
Build the numbers & support whenever & wherever i can :blush:

Thank you :heart: Lara


Hi @Lara

I 100% agree with your kind words / comment

‘I have never ever experienced such wonderful, caring, mindful, fun & thoughtful people’

During my XL (thats 40 +) years tinkering about, or messing about with cars :red_car: and motorbikes :motorcycle: I have never ever coome across such a great bunch of people. Willing to, help / advice from near or far

Keep it up ALL of YOU make this a cracking club.

To the point I will continue to help, advise and poke my nose :nose: in for severl more years to come.

And 1 day I will have a GTO on the road and be so happy :blush: :smiley: :grinning: :smile:


Thanks @mutley99
Look forward to seeing you & chatting again soon,
All our people / members are special :blush: thats what makes us such an awesome group of like minded fun individuals :heart: that have the most amazing passion for our GTOs
I am so proud to be part of this lovely bunch :blush: