Charlie's prom

my youngest daughters prom on friday thought i would put a few pic’s up me n tani very proud of our charlie charlie n conner /her boyfriend
IMG]http://i242.photobucket mia, jody n charlie n harry her big sis kai and cousin tyler and little keegan kai,s son our lovely little grandson

**Know the feeling you two :lol:

She looks stunning… hope she had a great time :stuck_out_tongue:

Now Keegan is another story… scrumptious!, said Annette. No wonder Tani dotes on him, looks cheeky as hell :stuck_out_tongue:


Charlie looks stunning Dave, I can why you pair are very proud.

she looks amazing but who are the 2 standing in front of her

IMG]http://i242.photobucket charlie n conner /her boyfriend

**Hope you don’t mean what I think you mean Sonic :shock:

If you do… you are out of order mate :?


You are right to be so proud, Charlie looks beautifull and as for that cheeky grin on Keegans face what a heart stealer!!