Chat room not scrolling

When I was in the chat room last night, the messages were scrolling but the 2-3 most recent were appearing off the bottom of the message window once the window was full.

I tried the F5 refresh, which temporarily circumvented the problem by removing all but the last 7-8 posts. Once the window filled up again, I would need to refresh again or keep scrolling down every time there was a new message.

Anyone else experience this?

BTW I was using Google Chrome.


Auto scroll in Chrome:
When the chat fills with messages the content will not auto-scroll properly. As a workaround you can limit the number of messages that can be displayed at a time:

  • Click the settings button
  • Change the “Maximum number of messages in the chatlist” to a number that suits the height of you screen (for example 30);
  • The change takes place immediately so all you have to do is close the settings window by clicking the settings button again.[/list:u:ec57feac62]



Thanks Dan. I’ll try that


I’m looking for a more permanent fix, but until I find one, that should do the trick