Chatelherault Country Park Sunday 17 August

looks like this could be a small event for the scottish gto guys. i have 14 cars attending this for clanjapan and 5 of the cars are gto’s :wink: just hope everyone turns up and the weather improves at the weekend 8)


this is now cancelled due to waterlogged feilds :cry: just got the passes yesterday aswell for 14 cars,bummer.
if the gto guys fancy a meet on the sunday somewhere we can make a day of it.there were 5 names down,
me :wink:

wheres andy and paul :?

AH bugger i was lookin forward to that ,sundays still cool with me if were still gonna meet any suggestions any one

im going up to the van tommorow now but yer all welcome to come up for a barbie if the weathers fine 8)

Hi Scott,

Yeh, it’s a shame that it’s been cancelled…

I hope your not going to be using the wee barbies?? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Any other suggestions for an alternative?


Scott if the weather turns for the better i might take a run up wi linda if thats ok