Cheshire Meet 18th September

Same venue as before “Bluebell” pub in wrinehill near crewe will be great to see you all again?

Address for sat nav is The Blue Bell

New Road

Multimap directions:|CW3%209BY


I’m free then so ill be there. :slight_smile:

see you there matey!!


Yer we are up for that. Will bring d new better half!

new better half?? what you do trade the old one in??? :?

will be great to sees you again!!


as said last night ill be there in the green machine :roll:
no jumpy jumpy hopefully

[quote]as said last night ill be there in the green machine :roll:
no jumpy jumpy hopefully[/quote]

good effort matey!!


c,mon guys we must have more people up for this :drive:

pics from the last meet!!! was a great turnout last time!!!


don’t forget this is tonight guys!! see ya all later!! :slight_smile:


thanks for the meet tonight guys, was good to catch up!!!

sorry no photo’s completly forgot when it was daylight!!! :frowning:

Chris gto and bro
Ivor gto and friend Jez

were the particiapants nice to meet you all aagin, i will be organising another meet for a sunday afternoon in october sometime


good to see you again paul,finally got to see your car which looks great,especially like the custom bonnet strut :lol: .
car gave me a terrific ride there and back really liking it now.
all the best to those who attended great to see you

yeh it was great to see you guys again and to meet a couple of new faces. It took me a while to get home though due to the traffic on the M6. But thanks to my satnav it took me on a nice detour away from the traffic and in to the country side. :smiley: . See you all at the next one.