Chester Newbie


Hi Roger and thanks for the interest in my car. You are in with first dibs and as per phone call we’ll do the deal at the weekend. Peter.


@irfan Good luck it seems to be a decent car , high demand !


Now that’s a fast sale if it goes through :sunglasses:


Things move too fast for me in here!


Well put your foot on the brake, get used to how fast TT’s are :rofl::rofl::rofl: and our sense of humour, some people call it gallows humour, mwah ha ha haa!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


Despite all the interest shown above my last posting, and a first dibs hold, the anticipated sale has been a no show, so my GTO is freshly back on sale. Details in Classifieds.


As per GTO’s for Sale in Classifieds, my GTO now has a new owner.