Chester Newbie


Hi guys, oldie newbie Peter here. Have owned and loved my Mk1 TT for 15 years, just been happy to MoT it, get in and drive with just a recent awareness of clubs for devotees. So a belated hello.
Have I seen in the forums here that there is a member in the Chester area? A couple of issues have cropped up and I’d welcome a face to face for an opinion prior to a decision maybe to sell.
I have photos on imgur, trying to figure how to post them here.


Hi Peter and a belated welcome to GTOUK, someone will inform you how to upload pics, I just drag and drop them. To access the technical section you could get membership, for twenty nicker its well worth the money and you could then check out the technical section at your leisure.

There is a members map, don’t think you can access it until membership has been sorted, I sound like a salesman here but am just one of the members. :grin: Don’t sell, these cars are ‘smiles for miles’.

Love just getting in mine and going for a drive too. Plenty of meets throughout the year and we are more than just a car club, as evident by the banter, hope you have thick skin :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Peter Welcome to GTOUK Car looks fab We have a long standing member in Chester and few around the wider area ! :+1:


Thanks, Terry for the welcome. As you can see a couple of photos now up. My old brain cells usually get to figure things out, eventually!
I’ve had many smiles over many miles :grinning:,including on track at Oulton and Anglesea but age is creeping up, being two years off 80. Visits to Spa and the Nordschlieife with buddy in his 5.0L Chimera showed what it missed was the GTO’s Active Aero! Will have to make a decision soon.

Thanks also Spiros.


Hi Peter welcome to GTOUK :+1:


Hi mate. I am from chester. What area do you live in? I am by the zoo in upton. Cheers


Many thanks for the contact emporerscorpion, you guys don’t hang about!
I live Guilden Sutton and thanks also for your email - just about to reply.


That’s not far from me then. I can pop down in anytime that suits us both if you wish. I am not as knowlegable as most members on here but will help the best i can. Cheers Lee


Hi Lee. Really appreciate that. Maybe we could make it over the w/e (if you are not going away). My GTO is sorned at the moment.

I’ve tried to figure out how to send to your own email via the club’s pages but can’t see how. Here is my email if you would care to post me. - [email protected].

I feel that likely outcome would be decision to part with my Japanese girlfriend after all this time and if a sale comes about through GTOUK, feel honour bound to do so as a full member, which I have just become. Wish I’d known about the club in previous years.

Regards, Peter.


Hi Peter
Welcome to the club, and hope you get your car sorted, maybe then you can keep it a bit longer.


Hi peter. Just sent you an email. Cheers


Lee, many thanks for our meet up yesterday. It was good to chat to another GTO owner before a final decision on my car. By the way, yours is a beaut!


Thanks peter. Was a pleasure meeting you. I hope you get everything sorted and if you ever want another gto chat then just let me know. Cheers


All things considered I’ve decided to sell her and inline with club protocols, details are in the GTO’s For Sale section.


Just to let you know, Lee, that my car is up for sale on the GTOUK pages.

All the best, Peter.


Good luck peter. It is an amazing car! Best colour in silver too! If i had the funds to buy it i definitely would. Thanks


Hi Peter ive emailed you im very interested in the gto and i am happy to purchase the car with the extra speakers and alpine stereo please contact me to arrange collection please thanks Roger.


Peter3 please contact me 07984434145


Welcome to GTOUK Roger !


Thanks spiros im trying to buy Peter’s gto but im waiting patiently for his response.