Child seat


Good luck with it buddy


Thank you!


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That does look to be a really good car but make sure on the buying guide. Quite rare as being a mk 3 as well.
You could get another for less money, then spend more than the difference to get it to that standard.
They have had it for a while so if you bargain hard you never know. I would say insurance value would be 10k and if you can get it for less…
Could not see mileage or any details but definitely check about cambelt service.
There are some other good cars out there as well at present as posted so there is some cracking choice right now.
Good luck.


Well, it’s not as good as i first thought, but I get the impression it would all be put right before it’s sold. I checked the child seat… snug! I could just get in the front seat with it in :thinking:


What needed sorting on it?


Knocking on n/s front, active exhaust, alloys badly delaminated, tyres perished and oil leak from gearbox


Well spotted, those chrome wheels do get rough l have two sets one absolutely knackered the others not great when you look close. Needs new tyres sort the suspension, will not be many cars now with the active exhaust working most have stainless systems.
Going to make them a bid?
By the way maybe come and see us at the Nec 9-11 Nov in hall 5 at the Classic Motor Show.
Good luck in your quest.


Hi @schmarnst, James, you’ll probably find the knocking is the anti roll bar drop links or bottom ball joints, check tyre wear in that case. I have a set of 18" alloys and tyres, but the tyres are old so wouldn’t trust them. Don’t worry about active exhaust, waste of time, oil leak from gearbox, could be a few things so not too much wrong there then, eh!!!

Join the club, 'sonly 20 nicker, then you could keep this thread going before Dr. Dave slaps you down :thinking:

Terry :sunglasses:


I’m a little apprehensive, he couldn’t show me any documents regarding the timing belt, idler, water pump etc. Also 11k seems a lot, he said lowest he would take is 10k, or 8.5k with none of the work done. I’m off to see Paul (Wright?)s 99 with the mk4 front end tomorrow and also try to organise seeing a 96 that Steve has forwarded on to me in Sheffield before I decide.


Cheers Terry, I’ll have a look around before taking the plunge, needs to be right, and that one just didn’t feel it was the one


Whatever you do don’t rush. There’s a lot of good people on this forum that can help with loads of advice/ questions. Defo well worth the £20 for subscriptions. The amount of money I’ve saved by reading the threads has saved a lot of time and money. I’ve even attempted things myself which I would never have dreamed of trying before reading some of the things on here so worth it IMO.



Has anyone seen Paul’s 99? He’s on the forum, know anything about it?


You will be looking at a top notch motor there. He knows his stuff too. You’ll be amazed at the car.

Terry :sunglasses:


That’s what I’m hoping!


Good luck, Paul’s will be good, 8.5 is more like it for the silver one and Steve friends is a cracker so you should end up with a great motor.


Gonna go with Paul’s, I’m getting giddy now! Only problem is the wife wants a new car too :frowning:


Your fault :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


I have 2 sets of those plus a brand new one still in the box :smiley: