Child seat


Afternoon all, I’m off to look at a gto tomorrow, but wanted to ask in advance, is it possible to fit a child seat in the back? I have an 18 month old son and need to be able to get him in.
Fyi, this is the 1 I’m off to look at:
Price seems a little on the high side, but it looks to be in vgc. Any last minute tips before I go?


Read the buyers guide, its somewhere on here, well worth the 10 mins reading. Also make sure the cam belt has been done recently.

Childs seat, no idea sorry, but I don’t see any reason why you can’t get a decent one to fit.

Terry :sunglasses:


Seen that car on eBay- looks good on the pictures. Where is the car - it’s a mk3 like my silver hoopy loopy project car. I fit a forward facing child see in the back no problem- just put a blanket or cushion underneath.



Thanks, I read the buyers guide, know to check arches, sills boot floor etc for rust, cam belt incl. Water pump, thermostat, idler pulley and guides.
Car is near wetherby, North Yorkshire. What are your thoughts on the price?


Go to gtouk classifies , there a tidy original black one for 6 grand it’s mint. Known car on here that’s been looked after


I must be being dim, can’t find classifieds anywhere


What area do you live matey?



Well the price is high but if the car is as clean and rust free as they say. Also if it is properly under sealed and needs no work at all then could be worth around the 8 k mark. Those wheels look to be genuine mk4 Mitsubishi spec which are rare as rocking horse :poop: (worth 1 - 1.5k alone in the uk).

I guess try and haggle then down and then the car is worth what you are prepared to pay. Always difficult to price these cars.

Good look - get them to start it cold and look and listen for any rattles etc


Just north of leeds


There is a very nice one here in Sheffield bud, just over 6k. One owner from new.
It’s in our classifieds, think you need to be a full member to see the section.

Will PM you some pics.



Nice, thanks


Hi James,

It really depends on your car seat. The rear seats are quite deep and curved. Some do and some don’t only in forward facing that I’ve tried. I’ve had my 2 and 3 year old in the back car seats with just about enough room. Be prepared for Lil 1s to kick the seat from behind. I see it as a massage function lol :blush:

P.'s I’ve tried the recaro stage 1 and 2 and JOIE all stages and another cheap 1 which I forgot the brand and all seem to fit nicely. The only 1 that didn’t fit easily was the rear facing mamas and papas car seat. Also you can put child seat in front as it doesn’t have passenger airbag. Hope that helps.


Tbh, I only need to take him in it when I pick him up after work, would normally use the wife’s car to go out with him. Also he kicks the back of the seat in my works car (jag xf estate)


What car seat do you have? Shouldn’t be a problem to be fair bud


I use a mama’s and Pappas cheap(ish) forward facing seat, don’t know the model. Think it was about 80 quid


Should be ok tbh, You could always take the car seat with u I suppose. That way u could use it as 1 method to negotiate on price as well :joy:


It’s not mama’s and Pappas, it’s this:


Don’t think I could use it to negotiate, unless I threatened someone with it :joy:


Yep funnily enuf I have the same in different colour and it fits in the back. If your used to the kicking from behind then it’s sweet


Nice one, cheers (I’d put him behind the passenger seat anyway! :rofl: )