Christmas Bash Reminder

Don’t forget Guys and Gals. This event is a great opportunity to get to meet and put faces to members, let your hair down or totally relax in the company of like minded people.

Book Here Xmas Party 5 December 2015

Limited spaces, so don’t miss out.


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Just a few taster pics from a couple of years ago.

The Riot Club, with Neil, Dan, Stevie & Craig

Craig aka 'the Scooby traitor" :laughing: with Goysha & Paul (Paul W)

Our Chairman Neil (NAS) sadly has no friends :laughing:

Stevie kicking the party off true Parkin style :beers:

Mick & the Nutter Tracey

Samantha (aka Mrs NAS) trying to avoid talking to me, or was it the camera she was avoiding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our very own Simon ‘the President & Treasurer’ Baker with Gavin & Kerry, Malcolm & Bianca.

Me & Steve with the lovely - well… she has many names, Goysha, Mozzerella, Pizza Hut, but she’ll answer to anything where dancing is involved :smile:



Thanks for the reminder, just chased the hotel regarding a special menu for dietary needs as they never got back to me. Let’s see what they come up with now.


Let me know if you have any problems Steve, I’ll give them a ring if you educate me on the requirements.

Sure we can sort it eventually.


just give them a ring steve direct that way you’ll get an instant answer.

I plan to book this week

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I have twice and first time she was going to talk to the chef and return my call and the second time they didn’t even answer.

Chasing again today, ■■■■■■ hoteliers! :smiley:

EDIT: Got hold of someone, they’re getting the head chef to do a wheat and dairy free option and they’ll send me the menu so I can check it. Excellent service assuming they get back to me, just got to reach the right person.

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Good to know, chuck it my way aswell please so i can get booked up.

@Tracie how very rude :laughing: traitor indeed

Some very good memories from these meets , for anyone thinking about whether or not to go , just do it you wont regret it , great thing about the Kegworth venue is it gets and keeps everybody together when in the bar area .

If its your first meet its a great ice breaker meet before the meets kick off the following season :sunglasses:

Craig :smile: