Christmas Bash

Many thanks to all those that attended the xmas meet , good to see faces old and new and even those who travelled far namely Mark aka Mr Toad .

Had a really good evening with good company , a fitting close to the end of the GTOUK main calendar .

Hope you all had safe journeys home


Craig :slight_smile:

Just got home after a great night. Thanks for everyone who come along and joined in the fun. Feel like I need a weeks sleep now. The final couple of songs were so funny. The only song that would have topped it would have been a bit of September rain :slight_smile:

Abosolute brilliant GTO UK event and such a good festive build up to Christmas. Thank you to everyone involved in making this be another enjoyable night.

Really nice to catch up with everyone when we don’t see enough of you during the year.

Wishing everyone the best Christmas and New Year.

Steve & Tracy

Ditto all of the above, just feel sorry the everyone who missed out on the fun, Roll on next year,


Fantastic evening enjoyed by all a laugh a minute, we got hone about 8.30pm as we stayed on at hotel for a while as a few had hair of the dog!

Hope you all have a good Christmas and New Year.

Thanks again for a lovely evening and for whats been a brilliant year

From Dani, Jon, Becca, Ricky & Trev :smiley:

Just got home as stayed the extra night. Would like to say thanks to the organisers of the Xmas bash.

Another good GTOUK Xmas bash…meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones…even though didn’t stay till the early hours like the stalwarts did, had a few hair of dog beers on Sunday with Jonno, Ricky, Danni, Becka, Trev, Tracey and Mick…and yes caught napping again.

Hope you all have a good Christmas and new year…

Yes ver good, thank you for letting me come.

No prob’s as you’ve still got a bill of £10 outstanding :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was really looking forward to hearing that too , as a big G’n’R fan its the elusive song I haven’t heard :lol:

Craig :slight_smile:

Send me you bank details Dave and ill get it paid.

Yet again another fantastic Evening, so glad i decided to stay i the end. Thanks to eveyone that organised this and everyone that came along and made it worth while.


Thanks to Julian for organising another great xmas bash! Thanks to all who came as well. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves :slight_smile: