Christmas Cards - 2017


Although my GTOUK Christmas card arrived some time ago, I just wanted to thank the committee for sending it! :smiley:


Mine too. Thanks.


Oh god hide’s away quickly…
All cards were sent to full membership so if any haven’t turned up apologies but they will be missing in action…
All were posted on the 30th of Novembe…
Have a great Christmas all Dave x


Yup not had mine :disappointed:


I never got one addressed to me - someone called fluffy member got one though :joy:


Was 100% sent I know that bud you got xxx
When did you last move, I had to change a few address that were incorrect as I knew people had moved like @James3000GT since their membership began.


Scrub that I can see you haven’t moved since membership… well def sent apologies to those that don’t receive them due to RM


Haven’t got mine either, just have to put last years on the mantle piece :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


Same as @kevin_rhodes I know 100% I sent these as all people I knew I checked, I even sent out new members as they came in up until last week.
Myself and Anna went through these religiously checking and Anna commented on cards she knew “thats James, Bex,Terry” etc
Must have sent about 250 cards all at Once including as far as USA and Thailand…
Cheers Dave


No worries :man_facepalming:t4::crazy_face:


You get used to it Dave trust me :joy::joy:

The problem always has been sending so many cards out things invariably do go walkabout


Just send me another 1 problem solved :rofl:


No big problem, but I never got a card last year, let alone this year.


I give up! I quit again! Dunno why i bothered :persevere:


Can You sent me another one please I’ve lost mine can’t find it anywhere :upside_down_face::grin:


Hi i never received one.


Be at your old address, you need to tell us you have moved b4 we send them out.


Could be worse Dave , you could have sent the renewal letters out one year with the wrong stamps for the envelopes :joy::joy: oh happy times


I received mine Dave! May I thank the committee and wish everyone else a merry Christmas!

The effort is much appreciated, always nice to get a card.



I have looked through this and found a common theme here, from the above list of some members not getting cards.

The reason I can see is that the last time myself and Tracie sent the xmas cards out it was done manually in 2015 before the GTOUK went automated. @3000gt would produce a list on an excel spreadsheet and send the adresses to Tracie… Although very time consuming it seemed to work a little better. (some maybe lost in the post)

We will be looking into the automated system which should give us a complete lists of full members names and addresses as there could be a blip.

We are sorry for any inconvenience