Citroen ds3

Anyone know anything about these?
Carly’s ■■■■■■■ car engine light just came in after 1 month of turbo blips/lag. Well annoyed

Is the blanked put word shitreon…that’s my pet name for ours…no help…
All I can say on the subject is ours broke down after 6mths new…computer says no and that’s that! Citroën I would imagine although expensive is the only way I’ve ever found with their cars, even used ones I’ve had I’ve taken there no one knows how they work other than them round here bud.


I have a motto after 2 French cars I owned in the past to never buy French cars again.
Now for me its Japanese or nothing.

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Still covered on warranty mate ? You tried the old battery off Ecu reset trick first , sometimes worth it for a soft fault

French cars are generally good untill a few years old when the gremlins hatch then the only cure is death by fire :smiling_imp:

Craig :grinning:


Had 2 shitroen vans now that have had engine light faults due to corroded wiring looms both within the first year!

Well I have to say even the ds3 forum is full of ■■■■■■■■■. Came said hello, pictures everything.
N I explain more than 4 litres of oil on 7 months… To be replied with… Well how many miles is that? Not much information for us to help you with.

Christ do these cars drink oil for fun?!


You no not to venture into the unknown…other forums just don’t cut it, makes you realise ain’t that easy to just start up some new group and get the knowledge we have.:clap:


I just couldn’t believe the differences between clubs, I mean the l200 club isn’t the friendliest but they do help.


There prob just all pissed off with shitreons :astonished:
We are just like ■■■■ it let’s get it fixed just as hard to do as a new car almost.
Also a big difference between doing it for love and doing it because you ■■■■■■ have to

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Friend of mine at work has one… Clutch went after 5000 miles, got it replaced under warranty. Then after 1 year and 2 weeks the timing chain stretched and fubar’d the engine. They refused to do the work under warranty as it was 2 weeks late for a service and that could have been a contributory factor apparently. What a joke!

That’s well out of order absolute ■■■■■■■

Yup. Think in the end they came to an agreement that she had to pay for the labour but they would pay for the parts.

Well turns out they diagnose a spark plug failure. 3 outa 4 not sparking properly. I want it re check in 1000miles as suspect it wouldn’t be spark plugs but coil pack?


3 out of 4 seems unlikely. You do get the odd dodgy plug but not that many!

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Yeah that’s what I thought, so will investigate a new coil pack price