Classic car age?

I’m looking at getting insurance through footman James fir a new non turbo gto 97 plate…does anyone know if this would still class as a classic?? Many thanks gents

Please only post in one place it gets confusing!

Yes, it should do. My 96 certainly does and I believe all GTO’s now qualify.



Depends on the insurance company. I work for Adrian Flux and we have schemes that cover these vehicles a classic cars.



I’m with footman James on a classic policy, 1999, so yup, go for it, much cheaper but be careful as you can’t drive other cars and you will probably need to jump back on a ‘normal’ policy after 2/3 years to keep your NCB alive, the classic policies not recognising NCB.

Hope it helps.

i tried to cover mine yesterday 26/04/13 with F/J a 94 , they said no it has to be 20 years old to qualify ???


I don’t understand as I’m into my 3rd year with FJ on a classic policy, having only just renewed. Maybe the goalposts have moved but I’d double check. Mine is an unmodified UK car, not sure about yours but maybe that is a reason?

Hope it helps.


Cheers but the operator said nope ? a 94 import 19 years old dont qualify , has to be 20 , im gonna Q them again ,bog standard n/a . ???