Classic Car Show 9-11 November 2018


Maybe it just was not funny??


Anyway enough said


To keep this one live folks and to ask who wants to be wih us at this show, would like to hear from members who could be on the club stand and have not already said.



Could any members who would like to attend the NEC show and display there car please add your name to the list below.
This is a limited space event.
The Club will have space for 3 cars and anyone showing an interest will be put forward for it.
As this show is a 3 day event and will need the cars in place the day before its best we get the cars confirmed sooner rather than later.
That way people can organise time off of work ect.

  1. Jerry @jerry_SC
    2.kevin @kevin_rhodes
    3.James @James3000GT


I will attend, but without car on stand.


Thsnks Lucas


I will come sat and Sunday


Triffic Mark


So when will we find out the line up jerry so I can start prepping if I’m in :grin:


Still up for manning the stand on the Saturday or Sunday, don’t think will have car though
Would have a engine LOL


Great Hawk
Thanks very much.


Hi All
Last call for any members who would like to flag up that they would like to show their car at the Classic Motor show in November as we need to firm up this week, we already have several cars on the list.
This would be from the Thursday 8/11 to 11/11 at the NEC Birmingham, please make this known asap so we can make our final show choice.

Also members who would like to join us on the stand to present the club and cars to the public. (and enjoy the show)
We already have;

Mark Leach

Also still looking for ideas on flooring this time as well, no harm in asking, have used show carpet before.

Anyone else who would like to visit this show, please let us know, it’s probably the UK,s biggest classic car show a truly great event, come and see us on the stand.

Thanks All


Hi Jerry,

I don’t think I can show the car this time round due to family and work stuff around this time. I would be keen to attend one of the weekend days so perhaps the Saturday?



No worries James
Be good for you to be there on whichever day you wish, will put that on the list.
Cheers mate.