Classic Car Show 9-11 November 2018


Delighted to inform that GTOUK have been offered a stand space at the Lancaster Classic Car Show at the Nec.
Flagging this up so that those who would like to be involved can show their interest.
Its an amazing show, possibly the biggest for classic cars in the UK, up to 6 halls with 50k plus visitors.
A great chance to promote our cars and our club.
This will be the fourth for us at the NEC and our reputation grows.
Cheers all.


Hi I would like express an interest in this event my cars not up to the standards of some but still she gets a lot of looks.
When do we need to confirm? and are we required for the 3 days?
Dave. :+1::slight_smile::+1:


Hi Jerry,

Would like to bring mhorag to this will aim to show for the 3 days.



It will be a case of seeing who wants to be involved in terms of manning the stand across the three days of the show itself, on one two or the full three days, any cars that are on the stand will need to be taken to the Nec Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how the show is being set up by Clarion (the organisers).
We will have a space suitable for four cars max l reckon.
Them its accomodation during the set up and show, hotels on site are the most convenient.
We get a mumber of exhibitor entries ie no cost, per stand and cars.
To do it means cost of travel, probably four nights accomodation and subsistence across the period, so its a “few” quid and lots of chatting as we will get thousands of visitors.
At this stage it will be good to know who would like to show their car and as well who would come and be with the club on the stand (there will be time to enjoy the rest of the show as well), then he club will decide how we present.
Thanks for the interest.


Hi with you saying be there 1 or 2 days before for set up I’ll have to remove may interest of showing because of work commitments (fixed rest days no holidays) what a shame sounds great!


Hi Jerry,

I would be interested in displaying mhorag at this event. Should be able to do the Thursday onwards.



I’m up for it as always Jerry.
With or without car.
Great job on securing space for the club again.


So it’s

Jensen (begrudgingly )

Which leaves space for one more folks :joy:


Standard I’ll be there if I’m asked of course to go on stand she always draws them in :grin:


Providing I’m asked I’m going to do abit of restoration on mine only minor stuff like new brake discs and pads, track rod ends and anti roll bar links that should keep me busy for the day and I’m sure plenty of people will be interested in what I’m up to :grin: as that’s what most other stands seem to be doing.


Always happy to go to this one.
Probably best events of the year for me.
Even without the car.


Great show, so don’t be put off by 4 nights accommodation.

Steve and I did the March one and only stayed in the hotel 2 nights (Friday & Saturday).

I had to work Thursday so Steve took the Hulk down Thursday lunchtime, got him settled on the stand and came home that day, we both then went down Friday morning on the train.

Depending where you live of course and whether going back home Thursday is practical, we are about 1 hour 45 mins from the NEC, but an option if work/finance/family commitments bring about restrictions for you.



Yeh I will come and put mhorag on show for this.



I will come. I will be happy to be there as a helper on stand set up presentation. I will take day off from work and spend time there from beginning to the end. Just let me know @jerry_SC :slight_smile:


Hi all,
Myself Geoff and Ian would be up for manning the stand during the day (we will not have a road legal worthy car at the time though)
We are only 25 minutes away from the NEC accommodation would not be required


Thanks for the interest, much appreciated, so letting this run for four weeks to see who else would like to be involved, then put a plan together.

One thing we will need is some floor covering this time, the carpet we had before was no good for further use so if there is anyone out there with any ideas please let us know.


Some page 3 girls would be handy to hand out flyers! :grinning: @jerry_SC
Defo would attract more punters
Topless car wash with lots of foam too :joy::joy::joy:
How about laminate? That’s durable and can be cleaned easily.
Jerry :grinning:


So it looks like my post above ruffled a few feathers , for future reference talk to myself about it don’t give other people grief for something I have said , that can either be on here or on messenger , I’m quite happy to give my number out



If you are referring to me Craig my only question is why do you say what you did in your previous post on this topic,
Why did you put Jensen (begrudgingly) for example.
My aim in doing these shows, which l enjoy very much, is to promote the club and the cars to a new audience ie the classic car scene as a whole and gain more interest in them.
If you read my first posts on the show then you will understand the angle l am coming from, the space is for GTOUK, not for any individual.
I am simply puzzled why you said what you did, and if you put it out there and l pondered it so be it.
Why did you say that Craig?


We got a sense of humour bypass on here of late ?

But while your asking not that it is of any concern of mine it does look like I can name the three cars already going , but I get that as it’s your show and those guys help out so why shouldn’t they be involed showing off their cars , for me though you do need to keep it interesting so rotation wouldn’t be a bad thing .

I love your enthusiasm for this one , can’t take that away from you , but there are other meets you can push too .

Hope that clarifies my original statement .

Please don’t take that out of context for what it is though , just a few observations , it’s a very good meet you have set up in an arena that gto/gt’s never ventured into before so I don’t want my post to detract from that .

I will endeavour in the future to keep my sense of humour aimed at those folks who get it from now on :grinning:

Right as we were back to the original post , cmon folks get on board if you can