Classic Restoration Show - 2nd classic polonia season start

(Lukasz Sojka) #1

There is an event coming week after jdm silverstone at Blenheim Palace OX20 1PP Woodstock (Oxfordshire)
There will be 2 gtos, maybe 3. Both me and @BOTT will be representing gtouk on that show as a stand.
If anybody is interested, come and join.
There will be some tasty polish food like grochowka and others.
All details here:
It is polish group on facebook, but english translation is included.
By the way… May we borrow flags after silverstone event?

(James Jones) #2

Hi Lucas,

Sounds like a good day out. Do you have any of the club flags? I can lend you some club flags etc just catch me at silverstone


(Lukasz Sojka) #3

ok, thanks james