Classic & Supercar show @ Sherborne Castle

(A Stevenson) #1

Hi All,

As the title states there is a annual event that happens at Sherborne Castle link below, it’s a Classic And supercar show it includes a mixture of old and new vehicles and is a chilled out relaxed day out in the beautiful surroundings of the castle grounds and never have I seen a gto on show their which must change :smiling_imp::+1::laughing:.

The event takes place 15.7.18.

I’ve spoken to the event organizer already who said he would be happy to have us however we would all need to arrange it if we decide to attend?.

We can select the area size we wish to have and tickets are £10 per car which includes show pass, guide all passengers in the vehicle which is great. Pitch sizes are 7.5x15m and are for 5 cars and 15x15m for 10 max number of plots are four. Details can be found here,

Last year if your a Beatles fan they had george harrison’s mercedes on display which is an iconic car in its own and a lot more, it’s a great event as money is donated to charity.

I am sure if you are coming further a field why not make a weekend of it there are lots of local b&b’s etc in the area I’ve attached a link below of some.

Here a quick vid I found on YouTube

Let’s make a day of it guys :wink:


(Tracy Parkin) #2

Hi Ton,

Just a heads up, it’s not definate yet but I think this may clash with an annual camping event the Club holds every year, the Birthday Bash which is the Friday/Saturday. This is obviously the Sunday though, but just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Not everyone attends the BB but could reduce your numbers to a certain degree.

Keep on with it though, as some members prefer a Show type event to a ‘kick back & relax’ camping weekend.